By: Scott Anderson

Saturday night is an opportunity for Michigan State to truly carry the burden of being the best the Big Ten has to offer as they face off against Notre Dame. Big Ten bashing has been brought to epic proportions after just two weeks of the football season, and with good reason as the upper echelon teams have yet to prove their worth.

UM came into the season a bit overrated as a top ten team, as were Wisconsin and Nebraska (though not ranked in the top ten). Ohio State has their warts too despite a 2-0 start and frankly it doesn’t matter what they do as they are ineligible for post season play. That leaves Michigan State as the only team that can carry the banner for the conference, in a sense they are just like Obi Wan Kenobi…their only hope!

Michigan State’s defense is one of the best in the country and gets plenty of accolades and deserved attention, but until Andrew Maxwell and the offense can show that there is more to them than RB LeVeon Bell, there will always be some doubt regarding the Spartans’ prowess.

I’m not sure why Notre Dame hasn’t gotten more respect coming into this season. They’re a good team and underrated at number 20 in the AP. I still think State wins this game, hopefully it won’t take a play named after a movie to seal the deal, though I would be intrigued to know what kind of play Transformers would represent!


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