DETROIT — The fun folks from are back with another raft of job openings. So let’s get right to it:

* Akira is hiring a manager.
* Core Detroit is looking to hire multiple “sales stars.”
* S Group Automotive is hiring journeyman maintenance technicians and maintenance electricians.
* Sun Communities is hiring for multiple positions, including a quality analyst, an accounting manager and a help desk specialist.

Apply for jobs or refer your friends and earn money. Here are this week’s big bonus jobs:
* Sun Communities — help desk specialist — $1,000 hiring and referral bonus
* Variation Reduction Solutions Inc. — mechanical design engineer — $1,000 hiring and referral bonus
* Burroughs Payment Systems — benefits and payroll specialist — $1,000 hiring and referral bonus
* ThermoAnalytics Inc. — software test lead — $2,000 hiring and referral bonus

CBS tips to make your application stand out from the crowd Detroit Job Front can guarantee your resume will be viewed by employers, but it’s up to you to make sure they remember you and your qualifications. Keep these tips in mind when crafting your job search strategy.

Showcase quantitative information — Don’t just tell potential employers that you have experience — tell them the facts about what you accomplished. Be precise. Use numbers if they will help tell your story. Use phrases like “Raised more than $2,000, allowing my student group to…” or “Consistently exceeded quarterly sales goals by more than 20 percent…”

Vary your word choice — There are some words and phrases that are so common in job applications and interviews that they no longer command attention. Be creative — instead of relying on words and phrases like “managed,” “maintained” and “responsible for,” incorporate action words that show your drive.

Give concrete examples — You know that you’re hardworking and responsible, but without specifics you will sound like any other applicant. What were your responsibilities? Let potential employers know what you did and why it was important. Tell them about that weekly e-newsletter you wrote or the event you organized.

Create a video profile — A one page document can’t portray you as clearly as you speaking for yourself. Think of your video as the cover letter of the 21st century — an opportunity to briefly introduce yourself to potential employers. Make sure to include important information about your qualifications, but also take the chance to show what makes you a unique candidate.


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