LANSING (WWJ) – A former staffer of Thaddeus McCotter has entered a plea in the petition scandal that brought an end to the Republican Congressman’s political career.

Lori-anne O’Brady, 52, of Livonia, who worked as a scheduler for the five-term Congressman, on Tuesday pleaded no contest to her role in falsifying nominating petitions.

O’Brady is one of four McCotter staffers who are charged with submitting petitions filled with fraudulent signatures.


Although Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette called the falsified petitions a ”cut and paste job that would make a fourth grade art teacher cringe.”

Schutte accused McCotter himself of being “asleep at the switch,” he has not been criminally charged.

O’Brady is scheduled to be sentenced on the misdemeanor charges late next month.

The other staff members accused in the case face more serious felony charges.

“As your Attorney General, I have a duty to enforce the law and ensure public integrity,” said Schuette, in a release. “After a thorough investigation, my office determined that criminal acts were committed, and the appropriate criminal charges were filed. Our office will continue to prosecute the remaining defendants involved in this shameful violation of the public trust.”


McCotter resigned shortly after the scandal came to light leaving his seat vacant and forcing a costly special election.