DETROIT — The fine folks from are back with still more job openings, jobs for which you can earn big bonuses by referring a friend, and job-hunting tips.

So let’s get right to the gigs, shall we?

* Comcast Spotlight is hiring a digital traffic coordinator.
* RoboVent is hiring an AutoCAD operator and designer.
* Western and Southern Life is hiring financial service representatives.
* Snelling Staffing is hiring for a designer, a system safety engineer and a production engineer manager.
* QStride is hiring for 10 positions, ranging from a senior account executive to a sales force developer.

And you don’t even have to be looking yourself to earn big bucks for referring others. Here are the referral bonus gigs:

* BigMachines Inc. customer support consultant
* RoboVent AutoCAD operator-designer
* Teledata Technology Solutions – Hyperion specialist – developer
* UCoat It sales representative * Proper Group mold maker

CBS Detroit Tips – How to Position Yourself as a Qualified Applicant

When looking for a job, you need to be your own cheerleader. Here are some ways to make your applications shine:

Play up your strengths — When talking about your experience, focus on projects that succeeded. Make sure to showcase your notable skills in your application, especially those most relevant to the jobs you are seeking. If you are applying to several types of jobs, make separate resumes or profiles so that you can tailor each one.

Stay aware of new developments in your industry and get educated — Read the news, including industry-specific papers. Especially if you have not worked in the area you’re searching in for a while, be sure to stay aware of new technologies. When possible, take a short course or teach yourself to use these tools.

Ask questions — Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Do a little research before a job interview. Informed questions about an organization’s mission, working style or history will show both that you care and that you did your homework.

Mention what makes you a unique applicant — It’s important to show an employer why your background fits their needs, but don’t be afraid to include one or two skills that might not seem directly relevant. That design work you did in college could spark an employer’s interest and make you memorable as a creative candidate, even in a seemingly unrelated field.


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