DETROIT (WWJ) – A new poll is showing a pretty tight race on Proposal 2, the ballot initiative that would protect collective bargaining rights in the state. Polls show that 48 percent are in favor while 43 percent oppose the proposal, with 9 percent undecided.

Speaking on Monday night on CNBC, Governor Rick Snyder says if it passes, the state’s emergency manager law could disappear.

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“This proposal would actually override that, and could leave us in a spot where communities might only have bankruptcy as an option and that’s a very bad answer,” said Snyder.

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“They like to call it the collective bargaining proposal and I call it the back in time proposal because it would really take us back many steps – it would challenge a lot of great reforms – Michigan is the comeback state in the United States right now, and this would take us a major step back,” said Snyder.

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In Snyder’s opinion, if the law passes, it would take Michigan back in time and erase some of the positives gained over the past several years.