By: Ryan Wooley

If anyone has ever been on a football field you can probably tell stories of things that you have found laying on the turf or wedged in the grass that you would expect to be there after games like mouthpieces, tape  or even someone’s tooth.

But the most bizarre item was found just last week as Virginia Tech receiver Dyrell Roberts stumbled across a pair of scissors late in the first quarter as the Hokies were taking on North Carolina!

Now of course finding the scissors was a good thing because it obviously is a safety hazard, but how Roberts removed them from the field probably had his mom screaming that he didn’t listen to her when he was younger.

That’s right. Not only did he run with the scissors, but he didn’t even hold them by the blade facing down which created even more of a safety issue for him!

Thankfully nobody was hurt and they did find them, but not only did this create the most bizarre incident, it now raises the question as to what corny jokes can be made out of it.

For example:

-Maybe North Carolina was trying to get a legal clipping call.

-Roberts really showed some sharp reflexes.

-Or it appears Dyrell was running a scissors route.

I know–Kind of lame but like I said, it opens up the opportunity for corny jokes. Do you think you can come up with anything better? If so, leave it in the comment section below.

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