LANSING — IDV Solutions Tuesday released Visual Command Center 2.0, an upgrade to its risk awareness and response software. 

Visual Command Center helps corporations, public safety agencies, and other organizations identify and evaluate risks, by integrating real-time data about global events with enterprise data stores and security systems in a consolidated view, using an interactive map and timeline.

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Visual Command Center 2.0 includes several new features:

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• Real-time alerts. Visual Command Center monitors global data feeds for natural disasters, severe weather, terrorism, and other potentially dangerous events, and then generates alerts when these events occur near an organization’s assets, such as offices, warehouses, or travelling employees.
• Risk report. This Excel-formatted report provides a convenient way to share information about potential threats to people, assets, and operations located near events that trigger alerts.
• MultiSearch lets security operations staff simultaneously search for location, date, time, numeric, or text-based information across Visual Command Center risk and security data feeds, as well as social media and search engines.
• Tablet support. In addition to the native iPad app, Visual Command Center now works on more mobile tablet devices, giving users access to risk data wherever they are.
• Twitter tool. The add-on Twitter tool allows organizations to visualize social media activity, and to monitor tweets for security-related keywords, such as emergency, environment, or violence.
• Perspective connector. Integration with Perspective incident reporting software from PPM 2000 lets users visualize Perspective data within Visual Command Center, allowing organizations to spot patterns and assess risks to their facilities and employees.

“We’ve worked closely with our Visual Command Center customers and partners to develop these upgrades,” said Scott Sieracki, IDV executive vice president of global sales. “Microsoft and the Department of Homeland Security were test-bed customers for the new Twitter social media visualization, and we were able to work with them to refine it and make the tool a great way to spot relevant, emerging threats.”

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