By: Scott Anderson

It’s amazing what a difference a day makes. Before the Tigers and Giants hit the diamond for Game 1 of the 2012 World Series, most of our listeners agreed with the national pundits regarding the impending success, overall the prevailing thought was Tigers in five. Then some guy named Panda ends up going all Reggie Jackson, knocks Verlander out of the game and now all of Tiger Nation is freaking out.

Let’s go back to said predictions, Tigers in five most of us said if not six. That would mean that they would actually have to lose a game en route to a World Series championship, yet losing Game 1 is the omen that steals potential glory? What happened to the uber-confidence? What happened to our pitching is better than your pitching? Did we as fans all of a sudden forget that the Tigers are much more than Justin Verlander?

So JV had a bad outing, do you really think the Giants are expecting more Ruthian efforts from their new found slugger? Is JV’s outing somehow contagious and now we should prepare for impending doom from the rest of the rotation? Did Miguel Cabrera quit? This is preposterous people! Sack up and get ready for Game 2 Electric Boogaloo as Doug Fister does his best impression of…well…Doug Fister! I would assume that most of us would have taken a split in San Fran to start the series, so nothing should change at this point. In fact, rest assured that JV will not pitch like that again this post season, nor should the Tiger bats remain as silent. Give credit to the Giants for slaying a dragon in Game 1, but please, don’t hurt yourselves jumping off the Tigers’ bandwagon just yet as the plan is still in place to enjoy a parade in late October! Some of you seem shaken or stirred, while I caution you to stay undeterred!

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