DETROIT — The fine folks at are back with another week’s worth of job openings, referral bonus jobs and job interview tips.

So before we all get swept away, here are the openings:

* iRule LLC is hiring for two positions: software sales and software development engineer.
* Griffin Pest Solutions is hiring two commercial sales representatives.
* OpTech is hiring for 17 open positions, including engineers and developers.
* Image One is hiring a dispatch coordinator and a printer technician-supplies inventory manager
* Farmers Insurance is hiring an insurance agent and two agency managers.

Apply for jobs or refer your friends and earn money. Hot referral bonus jobs of the week:
* Senior Benefits Group — administrative assistant
* Total Quality Logistics — logistics sales account executive
* Action Associates — machine operators
* Hallite Seals Americas — senior applications and product engineer

CBS Detroit Tips – Presenting Yourself

When applying for jobs, confidence and poise can make all the difference in the world. Whatever your background and wherever you are applying, learn to present yourself with neither arrogance nor excuses.

* Take responsibility: If you missed a scheduled call or were late for the train to your interview, apologize once and commit not to do it again. The dog didn’t eat your homework — don’t put the blame elsewhere. But no need to grovel — unnecessarily repeated apologies will only keep everyone from moving forward.

* Own your experience: Don’t apologize for your background. Whether your degree was in a field far from the job you now seek or your job history is less impressive than you would like it to be, talk about it positively. Hard work and commitment are valuable traits in any position.

* Your experience goes beyond your resume: If you are looking to reenter the workforce after time away, tell employers what you have done in that time that adds to your value as an employee. Did you learn a new skill or take time to work on a personal project? Share what you gained from the experience. Were you a stay at home parent? If that doesn’t show management skills, nothing does.

Remember that the job search is a process. Observe what employers respond to well and what they seem to dislike, and allow the way you present yourself and your experience to grow and change based on this feedback.


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