WARREN (WWJ) – Postpone Halloween until Friday?

Jim Fouts, the mayor of Warren said emails and phone calls from city residents to him are suggesting Halloween be moved this week from Wednesday to Friday.

Mayor Fouts says the strong winds caused by superstorm Sandy have him worried about safety.

“Like the residents, I am very concerned about the safety of youngsters trick or treating on October 31. Heavy rains and winds are predicted for October 31 which means falling branches and slippery sidewalks and roads,”  Fouts wrote on the city’s website.

The mayor is urging residents to hand out treats to kids on Friday, not Wednesday.

“Of course, this is not mandatory, but I would urge Friday, November 2 for trick or treating because better weather is predicted for that day,” Fouts said. (More here. (pdf).

Update: Oct. 31, 4 p.m.

Later in the day, Fouts changed his mind, posting the following statement on the city website:

“UPDATE From Warren Mayor Jim Fouts About Halloween:
Halloween is not canceled. I do not have the power to cancel Halloween nor would I ever exert that power. However, I merely suggested that Halloween trick or treating be moved to Friday, November 2nd so that kids could safely trick or treat in safe weather conditions. That idea was in response to several Warren parents who e-mailed me and contacted me because of their fear that the weather could pose serious dangers for children.
I decided to err on the side of safety. Since the weather conditions will not be that bad there is no reason to have another Halloween on November 2.

This was a suggestion and never mandatory. My priority was the safety of children. Bottom line: Halloween will be celebrated tonight October 31 in Warren!”

One Warren resident talking to CBS Detroit said he and his neighbors were confused by the mayor’s changing messages and weren’t sure whether or not they should hand out candy Wednesday evening.


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