DETROIT (Talk Radio 1270) Where are Michigan’s most haunted spots?

Bev Rydel and Kat Tedsen, authors of “Haunted Travels of Michigan,” stopped by the Charlie Langton morning show on Talk Radio 1270 to answer that question.

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The sisters travel the state looking for ghosts, going out 235 times in the last year to check out spots where paranormals were allegedly hanging around.

So where is metro Detroit’s most haunted spot? It’s deadly delicious.

“The Whitney,” Kat Tedsen said, adding, “For years they’ve been saying they’re active, the apparition of David Whitney Jr., they think they see him, there have been voices.”

Fort Wayne also has a “weak” paranormal presence, as does Jackson prison, they said.

“We prefer not to call them ghosts, but paranormal events,” Rydel said, adding that they travel with equipment to detect ghostly apparitions.

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Tedsen said they’ve heard unexplained noises, felt inexplicable things, and seen a baby carriage move across a basement floor two feet on its own. The sisters believe souls are energy, and remain beyond a body’s death.

They’re not psychic and they’ve never “seen” anyone who had crossed over from the great beyond, the sisters said, they just investigate and record unusual activity. They played a white noise tape from a prison investigation site where footsteps and the words “you killed me” can be clearly heard in the background.

More audio could be heard where a voice says, “she’s the one,” in a creaky voice over a white noise background in a moment when one of the sisters said they clearly felt someone grab their hand in the dark during an investigation.

“I got totally creeped out,” Rydel said, adding that she’s a ghost hunting wimp.

But they’re not alone in their strong paranormal beliefs.

Caller Mike recalled being on a house hunt in Clinton Township on a spring day when he entered a downstairs bedroom and it left him feeling cold. Turned out, someone had died in a fire in the room, he said.

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“Are ghosts real? Absolutely,” said caller Ann in Livonia.