By Carol Cain
CBS 62

What will be the difference maker in the final hours of this historic race for the White House between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney as they fight to become 45th president of the United States?

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A serious ground game, Michigan Republican Party Chair Bobby Schostak and Michigan Democratic Party Chair Mark Brewer agreed during taping of “Michigan Matters.”

It’s one of the few points about this election that the leaders of the two parties agreed. Also appearing was Bankole Thompson, senior editor of the Michigan Chronicle.

Michigan Matters: Pre-Election Roundtable Seg 1WATCH Michigan Matters: Pre-Election Roundtable Seg 1

“Mitt Romney wanted to let Detroit go bankrupt,” said Brewer, referencing the New York Timed oped piece the former Massachusetts governor wrote in 2009 about the bailout of the auto companies.

It had a “Let Detroit Go Bankrupt” headline written by an editor but never said that in the text.

Schostak countered the state of Michigan has suffered as few others under Obama’s watch and voters should think about that before they pull the lever.

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There are still some undecided voters – anywhere from 5 to 20 percent – and both Schostak and Brewer said their ground games were designed to leave no stone unturned in finding them and helping them make their decision,

Thompson talked about the vast number of issues also on the ballot – six statewide proposals – and then municipalities like Detroit have others.

“Voters may just say no to voting on any of them as there are just too many,” he said.

You can hear a robust conversation about all six proposals, the U.S. Senate race, and more.

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Episode synopsis: This week on Michigan Matters host Carol Cain and the Roundtable of Michigan Democratic Party Chair Mark Brewer, Michigan Chronicle Senior Editor Bankole Thompson, and Michigan Republican Party Chair Bobby Schostak analyze the upcoming election on this week’s edition of Michigan Matters.

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