By: Doug Karsch

I’ve seen this before. Michigan is due for a letdown after playing big (to huge) games each of the last two weeks. My experience tells me, you can’t build to a fever pitch each and every week in college football. The build up for the Wolverines last two games was immense.

Two weeks ago it was about state bragging rights. Last week it was about virtually clinching a spot in the Big Ten Title game. This week? It’s about a Jug?

Meanwhile Minnesota is a confident group with a new Quarterback coming off their best performance of the year in blasting Purdue. They will have the “big game buildup,” going all week. I expect their preparation is top notch.

Not to mention a degree of uncertainty with Michigan’s quarterback situation. Denard Robinson is expected to play, but who knows if/how long will he last? How effective can Michigan’s back-up’s be?

I think the Wolverines win, but I do expect they will have their hands full Saturday in Minneapolis.


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