DETROIT — The folks at are back again this week with more job openings, jobs for which you can earn big bucks by referring a friend, and tips on creating a winning resume.

So before we lose the signal, here are the jobs:

* Career Focus Consulting Services is hiring for three positions including sales.
* Clinton, Charles, Wise & Co. is hiring for 13 positions, including business development managers and a financial consultant.
* Work Skill Corp. is hiring for seven positions ranging from a certified nursing assistant to a machining quality inspector.
* P3 North America is hiring a mobile application SW developer and an account manager.
* Core Detroit is hiring a ‘sales superstar’

Apply for jobs or refer your friends and earn money. Hot jobs of the week:

* ZenaComp Inc. — sales associate
* Senior Benefits Group — administrative assistant
* Mango Languages — ‘software craftsman’
* RTC — assistant supervisor
* Keyence Corp. of America — technical sales associate

CBS Detroit Tips – Creating Your Resume

A resume is a living document, more complex than it may seem at first. Have you ever wondered how best to fit a lifetime’s worth of experience into such a short document?

Choose Wisely — What information is relevant to your resume depends on both your own situation and the type of job you seek. For recent graduates, a good guideline is to list job and leadership experience from the past four years. A similar time frame holds true for career paths involving a variety of projects in quick succession, such as acting. If your career has consisted of a few long-term positions, on the other hand, give a sampling of the past few even if it has been a while since you held each position.

Consider Training and Qualifications — Always include your educational background, but let it take up less space on your resume over time. Employers will always want to know your alma mater, but after just one job, they will start caring less about your GPA, specific course of study and other details. At the same time, make sure to include a brief mention of any relevant training, not just traditional schooling.

Make Exceptions — Cut your resume – cut the old info, the info irrelevant to a specific position – but, occasionally, save something. You may have won an award or been part of a special program many years ago, but if it’s prestigious and applicable, there may be good reason to leave it on there. Having a few lines of experience that don’t directly connect to your overall career trajectory, but do show personality and uniqueness, can also catch an employer’s eye.


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