TOLEDO, Ohio (WWJ) – Residents of election-weary Ohio are eager to end their time in the election spotlight state, and get on with their lives.

“I’ll be glad when everything gets over with, because it kind of burns you out,” said Toledo voter Sharon Likes.

Ohio is one of the most hotly contested states, as no Republican has won the presidency without carrying Ohio, and only once has a Democrat won the nation’s highest office without the Ohio’s help.

The UAW has been turning up the heat to get out the vote in Ohio.  Auto plants, including the big Jeep complex in Toledo are closed, as this is an official holiday for both union and salaried workers at the three Detroit based carmakers.

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In theory, that gives the union a steady army of volunteers.  WWJ AutoBeat Reporter Jeff Gilbert, however, didn’t spot any in his visit to several polling places in Toledo.  During those mid-day visits, voting was fairly slow.   Presidential campaign commercials were still running on Toledo radio stations, and residents say they were hard to avoid.

“It’s everywhere you go,” said voter Bridget King.  “You turn on the television there are commercials. You ride down the streets, there are signs everywhere. You get inundated with phone calls night and day.”

King says she’ll be glad to get some sleep.  Other Toledo voters tired of the campaign’s overall tone.

“I don’t like all of the ads,” said Sharon Lucius.  “I think they are all too negative.  Half of them aren’t truthful.”

Many voters mentioned fatigue with all of the ads and calls, and said they would be very glad when the campaigning ends.  But, voter Donna Pace wasn’t quite ready to say the simple end of the campaign would make her happy.

“I’ll tell you when the results are in.”

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