DETROIT — The fine folks at are back with another week’s worth of job openings, jobs where you can refer a friend and make big bucks, and interview etiquette for those tough situations.

So let’s celebrate the end of election season with these openings:

* 3CSI is hiring a social media client relationship manager and a social media software engineer.
* Linamar is hiring for four positions, including a product development engineer and a CAE analyst.
* Western & Southern Life is hiring a financial representative and a financial services representative.
* Burroughs is hiring for 11 positions, including a service delivery coordinator, a product sales executive and a tax sssociate.
* Emergent Systems Corp. is hiring a sales and business development account executive and a business development dxecutive.

With, you can apply for jobs or refer your friends and earn money. Hot referral jobs of the week:
* Channel IQ — database administrator
* Punchkick Interactive Inc. — iOS app developer
* UCoat It — inside sales representative
* Linamar — product engineer
* Chase Plastics — customer service support

Interview Etiquette for Tough Moments

Prepare for an interview. Then, take a deep breath and accept that unexpected complications will arise. Unfortunately, you can’t script the whole interaction. But you can think ahead to how to avoid some thorny situations, and manage those that do occur.

* Avoid Touchy Topics — Remember the old saying about things not to discuss at the dinner table. Unless the job opening or your job experience is specifically political, why open this potential gulf between yourself and an interviewer? Similarly, avoid unnecessary or inappropriate details of your personal life.

* Missed a Beat? — Ideally, you’ll be totally engaged in your entire interview. But if you don’t follow a question or get flustered, pause, breathe and compose yourself. Ask the interviewer to repeat the question or restart your own point calmly. Quick recovery in a bad moment is itself a valuable job skill.

* When It’s Just Not Right — Interviews can be awkward and nerve-wracking — it’s just a part of the job search. But if you ever find yourself in a situation that’s just plain bad — feeling personally put down or harassed — don’t be afraid to leave. Do it politely, but do it. That’s not the position for you anyway.


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