By: Doug Karsch

He is a former walk-on at Northwestern and he stood out with his sizable girth and teeny-tiny little #1 on the front of his jersey. We were talking about him on the air and I did a quick internet search — this was the result:

Click HERE to see the photo.

He’s my new favorite player. According the Chicago Tribune the story is as follows. After Northwestern beat Iowa on Saturday at Ryan Field, Cisek borrowed a lightsaber from NU’s student band director and used it to lead his teammates in a rendition of “Go U Northwestern.”

He is a D-Lineman who plays as the personal protector in the Wildcat punt formation. And he stands out. As for the number, which helps exaggerate his size, Northwetern awards #1 to a player who show tremendous work ethic. Apparently my man Bo, fits the bill.


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