By: Jeff Riger

The 4-5 Lions got back to practice Wednesday at their Allen Park headquarters as they get ready to take on the Packers Sunday afternoon and after practice ended, the media gathered around Ndamukong Suh’s locker, waiting for the tackle to talk about his lack of tackling.

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In the NFL, the so-called star players have certain days that they are to address the media and Wednesday is Suh’s. Every Wednesday Suh is required to talk to the media or else he could be subject to NFL fines. Well, this Wednesday Suh did talk, he talked long enough to tell the media one thing…

OK, well I can’t exactly repeat what he said because it would instantly get edited out by our webmaster, so I will clean it up; in fact what Suh had to say was all about cleanliness.

Suh told the media essentially that they should not waste their time waiting around because instead of talking to the media he was heading to the shower to “wash his” — ahh, well, you know, his “area.”

That was all that we heard from Suh on Wednesday. We did see Suh and Lions media relations talking as we walked out of the locker room, apparently Suh’s stats were the focus of the conversation. It’s nice that the 3rd year player is willing to talk to media relations about his stats but nobody else.

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Unlike last week (with the Pro Football Weekly mystery GM and Dom Raiola) this week, there seemed to be no pressing questions that needed to be asked. Sure, there were the inquiries about the slow starts, the teams desperation and if this season can be salvaged; but there was nothing that fans were excited to hear about.

Earlier in the week Lions coach Jim Schwartz seemed to go out of his way to compliment the play of his tackle Ndamukong Suh and how last Sunday’s game against the Viking’s was one of his best in a Detroit uniform. Of course if you got a chance to look at Suh’s stats for the game you would realize that he had one tackle, no sacks and if you watched, you didn’t see Suh pressuring Christian Ponder all that much. Yes he did draw his fair share of double teams but that was essentially it. It was not his best game and this has definitely not been Suh’s best season!

But Schwartz was not giving in….

The coach joined “Karsch and Anderson” on Tuesday and repeated his thoughts about Suh and his game and even went further, saying people who don’t think it was Suh’s best aren’t dealing in facts and probably have their own agenda.

OK, so I was wrong, there was intrigue going into practice on Wednesday, people wanted to hear from Suh himself. Was this his best game? How can he make his season better? How will it feel to play the Packers at Ford Field for the first time since his stomp on Evan Dietrich-Smith last Thanksgiving? What did you think I forgot about that?

Lions PR did say they will let the media know if Suh intends to talk the remainder of the week. So there is that, I guess.

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Another classy moment by the Lions’ Ndamukong! Wonder what will be next?