DETROIT — The fine folks at are back for a Turkey Week’s worth of job openings, jobs for which you can earn big bucks by referring family or friends, and tips for keeping your cool in an interview.

Quick, before somebody grabs the last drumstick, here are the job openings:

* Career Focus Consulting is hiring for two positions in sales — a financial consultant and an independent insurance agent.
* Mango Languages is hiring for four positions, including a software team manager and a client care specialist.
* AlphaUSA is hiring a cost estimator.
* Phillips Service Industries is hiring for 10 positions, including an electronic engineer and a machinist.

And here are the jobs where you can earn big bucks for referring friends:
* ConsumerBase — sales account executive
* Mango Languages — new business sales and service
* Punchkick Interactive Inc. — interactive project manager
* QStride Inc. — senior account executive
* Management Impact LLC – BPI auditor

CBS Detroit Tips Nov. 15 – Keeping Your Cool in an Interview

In a job interview, you may have to address a question you don’t love or find yourself less than comfortable with the interview atmosphere. Learn to make the best of it and shine anyway.

* Practice Fidget Management — We all have nervous habits. If you focus too much on eradicating them totally, you might just lose your cool. So teach yourself to channel them into less visible habits instead. See if you can stop your nail biting by allowing yourself to unobtrusively tap your toe, for example.

* Be Courteous — Practice gracious ways to talk about past employers and colleagues even if you didn’t get along with them. An interviewer may ask about how you have handled conflict in the past. Use this opportunity to impress an employer with your people skills — not to send up red flags that you cause conflict.

* Answer Honestly and Positively — If an interviewer asks about a time you made poor decisions at work, honestly acknowledge a project that didn’t go as well as you had hoped. Don’t evade the question — we all have shortcoming, and it’s important to be aware of our own strengths and weaknesses. But focus on what you learned from the experience, not the mistake itself.


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