DETROIT (WWJ) – While some Black Friday deals are a sweet grab – have you ever wondered if prices at retail stores are actually cheaper at other times of the year?

As you head out to the malls to begin holiday shopping, experts say there are some things you just shouldn’t buy on Black Friday. WWJ’s Matt Roush said that shopping mavens know that computers and tablets are cheaper at back to school time than they are right now.

The shoppers also said that cameras will be cheaper after the first of the year. Similarly, winter coats and cold weather gear drop in price when winter actually hits. (It’s retail logic, don’t try to make it make sense). Low TV prices are a trap. Despite widely advertised deals, most TVs are actually cheaper just before and just after the holidays.

If you can get these deals on technology toys, take ’em.

The experts at CNet dot com rate a $179 40 inch Toshiba LCD TV as Black Friday’s best buy, and wouldn’t you know, it’s at Best Buy. Sears has a Toshiba 50-inch LED TV for $299. Best Buy is also offering a 27 inch LG computer monitor for $199. Radio Shack and others have a Samsung Galaxy S3 smartphone on sale for $49. And among computers, CNet rates the top buy as a Dell INspiron 14z for sale on Dell dot com for $299.

Happy shopping! For more on Black Friday deals, click HERE.


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