MIDLAND — When Impact Analytical opens the doors to its new home early next year, it will signal two things — that it’s a company on the grow, and that it doesn’t expect to stop anytime soon.
Impact, a full-service contract analytical testing laboratory, is a division of Michigan Molecular Institute. The organization will significantly expand its laboratory space early next year when it moves into its new location on Stark Road in Midland. The new office will provide Impact the additional space it needs as it continues to provide safe, efficient and accurate analysis of customer samples.
“Impact Analytical is committed to exceeding customer expectations in every way,” said Impact President Mike Murphy. “This facility will be remodeled to create a laboratory space that is tailored for performing analytical testing services, and specifically Impact’s work processes. The result will be a world-class analytical testing laboratory in form and function.”
The move will include the construction of new laboratories that will improve project turnaround time, affirming the company’s reputation in the industry for its high-quality product testing and innovative analysis solutions. The relocation is scheduled to be completed by March.
The new location at 1940 Stark Road will be larger than Impact’s existing facility by more than 10,000 square feet. The expansion will allow operation of more than 80 instruments and house 35 scientists across laboratories designed to provide the very best in elemental analysis, microscopy, molecular characterization, gas separations, liquid separations and thermal/mechanical properties.
With the additional space, the company will immediately increase its capacity by 20 percent and look to hire additional employees. Impact has already added two new instruments and hired one scientist in anticipation of the move; several additional hires are expected in 2013.
Impact Analytical is a contract testing laboratory established within Michigan Molecular Institute. MMI is located in Midland, Michigan, with the mission to promote the advancement of applied scientific research in the areas of chemical and polymer science. Impact Analytical works with more than 300 companies around the world and is dedicated to providing top-notch analytical service that supports the success of its customers.

Working in a variety of industries — pharmaceutical, plastics, consumer products, medical devices, packaging, automotive and specialty chemical — Impact Analytical combines unparalleled service with a full suite of capabilities. From quality control testing to identification of an unknown to support for research efforts, Impact Analytical is established in the industry as a partner that delivers reliable data and top-shelf service.
More information about Impact Analytical is available by visiting www.impactanalytical.com; to learn more about MMI, go to www.mmi.org.