Dearborn Sets Kickoff Reception On Transit Center Development: The public is invited to attend a kickoff reception Dec. 12 to celebrate the announcement that Dearborn was chosen as one of only five cities to receive planning and design assistance from the MIPlace Partnership for Dearborn’s proposal to generate ideas for development potential surrounding the train station, better known as Transit Oriented Development. The event runs from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. at the Ford Community and Performing Arts Center. The MIPlace Partnership, a collaborative effort of the Michigan Municipal League, Michigan State Housing Development Authority and Michigan State University, offers a program in which a team of planning and design professionals and MSU design students will assist communities in developing design concepts for “placemaking” projects. Michigan is one of several states that is on the forefront of “placemaking” as an economic development tool — an idea that has been embraced by Governor Rick Snyder. The idea is based on the understanding that thriving communities and successful regions are places that are attractive to employees, places where connections can happen, where productivity  and creativity increase and where professional networks foster collaboration and innovation. In order to achieve successful outcomes, it is important to foster an environment in which individuals, businesses, organizations and government work together collaboratively. The members of the MIPlace Team have extensive experience in assisting other communities, such as Traverse City, in implementing successful Placemaking Projects. Future meetings will include a 3-day design charette, scheduled in January, in which members of the community will assist in developing a series of conceptual designs which will ultimately be refined to a single design based on ideas and comments from participants. The result will be a Transit Oriented Development design which is developed by the community for the community, with input from all those wishing to be involved in the process. Dearborn’s Intermodal Passenger Rail Station has been envisioned for many years and now the dirt is finally moving! The station has the opportunity to tie together east and west Dearborn and their respective downtown areas, residents, students, businesses and civic institutions. It’s not just about the destination…it’s how you get there! And Dearborn is counting on YOUR help! We hope to see you there! For questions, please contact Liz Hendley, AICP, planner at (313) 943-2171 or Jessica Turner, Planner at (313) 943-5474.

Michigan Solid-State Lighting Association Sets 2012 Symposium : The Michigan Solid State Lighting Association will hold its 2012 Symposium on Friday, Dec. 7 from 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the NextEnergy Center, 461 Burroughs in Detroit. Anyone interested in saving significantly on indoor or outdoor lighting — whether individuals or those representing municipalities, universities, colleges, schools, health care institutions, retail businesses and restaurants — is invited to attend. MSSLA’s founding members are  DTE Energy, Ilumisys, LED Optical Solutions,  Lumerica, the Michigan Energy Office, Midwest Circuits, Relume, the University of MIchigan, Wayne State University and XUS. Attendees will have the opportunity to meet with Michigan’s top solid state lighting manufacturers and industry; hear from Doug Smith, senior vice president of business and community development at the Michigan Economic Development Corp.; learn about LED lighting technology and how it can reduce operating costs; explore exhibits to get an up-close look at cutting-edge LED lighting products — and meet the Michigan-based companies who make them; discover how to improve energy efficiency and  hear more about declining costs for LED products and technology; and gain tips on financing and find out how to calculate a true return-on-investment. Questions about the event should be directed to Chris Detjen at NextEnergy, (313) 833-0100, ext. 230, or (734) 272-2192. More at

Compuware Sets Webinar On Using Application Performance Management For Elections: Compuware Corp. will host a live Webcast, “Michigan Voting Apps Scale To Support national Elections,” on Wednesday, Dec. 12 at noon Eastern time. Every four years, Michigan’s Department of Information Technology rises to meet a challenge unique among all fifty states. Where most states have well under 100 jurisdictions to manage, Michigan has over 1,100 voting townships – each one a potential point of failure in a critical process. Underpinning this complex system are 3,000 servers, 3,000 network devices and one of the world’s largest database replication systems. Join J.P. Jackson, senior project manager for the state of Michigan, as he provides an overview of how the state employed application performance management best practices to prepare for election day and troubleshoot unforeseen issues in record time. Register at this link.