MIDLAND — Dow Solar, a business unit of Midland-based Dow Chemical Co. (NYSE: DOW), has announced a major expansion of the availability of Dow Powerhouse Solar Shingles, an award-winning, Michigan-made, residential solar roofing system that protects like a standard shingle, but also has embedded solar cells to power the home.

With limited quantities of the product available, Dow has targeted select markets for commercialization, and recently announced a major expansion which will now include Michigan. Although not typically thought of as feasible for solar generation, Michigan does have plenty of sunshine to make solar technology viable and practical.

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“We’re expanding availability to Michigan because of the great potential for residential solar adoption, and the strong interest in products made right here in this state,” said Dan Pezolt, Dow Solar commercial director, “Dow is extremely proud to be  manufacturing this product in Midland, which has generated a lot of local interest and demand for Powerhouse. It is also a smart investment, allowing homeowners to protect against future energy expenses while feeling good about using the clean and abundant energy from the sun to power their home.”

The Powerhouse Solar Shingles are the latest green energy innovation from Dow, and a breakthrough for homeowners who want to invest in reducing their cost of home ownership by offsetting their energy costs and living more sustainably. That concept is now a reality for Michiganders, as Dow continues to expand availability of this breakthrough roofing shingle that does double duty as a power generator.

Homeowners can purchase Powerhouse through one of the following ways:

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* Kearns Brothers Inc. is based in Dearborn, and has been providing roofing services since 1986 to more than 21,000 homeowners in Southeastern Michigan. Dow Solar has selected Kearns Brothers Roofing to be a Powerhouse Authorized Dealer in Michigan, who will service the re-roof market. Homeowners who need a new roof can now upgrade to a Powerhouse roof which will cost more than a standard asphalt roof, but pays for itself, generates additional savings and adds to the value of a home.

* Cobblestone Homes is a nationally recognized leader in high performance homebuilding, and will feature Dow Powerhouse on their new models in the mid-Michigan region.

For homeowners needing a new roof, Powerhouse provides a replacement option that can pay for itself, generate revenue through energy offset, and add to the value of the home. Homebuyers purchasing and financing a new home with a Powerhouse roof can generate immediate savings, and be cash-flow positive from day one. In both cases, homeowners are able to reduce their overall cost of homeownership and generate unprecedented financial returns with an investment in their roof; and all while reducing their carbon footprint.

Made in the USA and backed by a 20 year performance warranty, the Dow Powerhouse Solar Shingle is a dual-functioning system that is certified as both a roofing and solar product, and built to withstand rain, hail and wind. It is a complete turnkey package that includes a custom designed system for each home, the inverter to convert DC to useable AC electricity, the utility interconnection so that credit is obtained for the electricity generated, and a web-based monitoring system that provides real-time system performance.

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For more information about product availability, visit www.dowpowerhouse.com and follow Dow Powerhouse on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube.