At the recent casting call for the CBS reality TV show “Survivor” at Gardner White in Auburn Hills, hopeful contestants auditioned on tapes to be submitted to show producers and described the traits that make them uniquely suited to being on the show.

Judy Daggett of Clarsville, Tenn. brought medals to prove her participation in several Ironman competitions. “I’ve been to Kona — Ironman world championships the last three years in a row,” said Daggett.

Also from Tennessee, Nathan Tupis of Lebanon is a world-ranked World of Warcraft player.

Karen Berghorst of Grandville, Mich. found out about the casting call and immediately went out and got a passport. “I’m gonna do this!” she said determinedly.

“Fit. Smart. And I’ve got a really nice smile,” said Seth McRobb of Livonia, Mich. He certainly didn’t lack in self-confidence.

“Well I’ve been in the Army for 21 years. I have a lot of leadership skills,” said Robert Leader of Lake Orion, Mich.

“I’m on the assembly line building cars all day so here I am,” said Beverly Brafford of Whitmore Lake, Mich.

Brandi Virgil of Ann Arbor, Mich. explained her advantage, “I’m a very sociable person so I think my social aspect of the game would be good.”

“I’m good at puzzles. I’m very energetic … real tough. I mean I don’t even feel pain sometimes,” said Chad Perry of Auburn Hills, Mich.

“I’m a full-time dairy farmer. I’m third generation and proud of it,” said Woody Wittenberg of Cement City, Mich.

Christopher Phillips of Johnson City, Tenn. drove more than 5500 miles round trip to get to the casting call. You can’t say he isn’t committed.

Thanks to everyone who came out to the casting call and special thanks to those who brought non-perishable items for Forgotten Harvest!

Watch Survivor, Wednesdays at 8 p.m. on CBS 62.


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