BEVERLY HILLS (WWJ) – It’s a sound that is becoming all too common. Whooping cough is making an unwelcome comeback. Cases of the disease are at a six decade high.

Beverly Hills pediatrician Dr. John Dorsey says part of the problem is the vaccine is wearing off and parents are giving it to their children.

“As adults get older, the childhood vaccines will loss their immune systems so adults can get whooping-cough, which is in a very disguised form and sometimes it takes a good doctor to figure out that their cold cough is for six weeks is really due to the pertussis germ that causes whooping-cough.”

Another reason for the rise in cases, is that some parents don’t get their children vaccinated because of Autism fears.

“Many parents are frightened, because of what they read, feel that their babies will get Autism or have some disorders by doing it,” said Dr. Dorsey.

There is no link between vaccinations and the development disorder.

Last year there were over 41,000 cases of whooping-cough.


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