DETROIT (CBS Detroit) Ashley Palenkas, 27, a hairdresser in Birmingham, Mich., set the Twitter world ablaze Monday night when she tried to woo “The Bachelor” Sean Lowe by offering to use tricks from “50 Shades of Grey” on him.

She brought a tie and offered a spanking. And then she created the buzzword “bumski” when describing her feelings about his immediate rejection.

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But perhaps most surprising is something she revealed during her very first interview Tuesday morning on WYCD in Detroit. Her mom is very proud, she said on The Dr. Don Show With Rachael and Grunwald.

Palenkas admitted she would have played it differently if she had realized Lowe brags about being a born-again virgin who loves Jesus. His Twitter profile says: “I love the little things in life like good food, road trips, TX country music and great conversation. Most importantly, I love Jesus!”

Palenkas was the first hopeful eliminated from the show. Lesson learned.

“They definitely had vodka, Red Bulls flowing … I wan’t really drunk until the end, the awkward one-on-one was just me at a loss for words,” she said, laughing.

Palenkas added she felt an attraction to Love, but it had nothing to do with their commonalities.

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“He is definitely a good-looking guy but we really didn’t have much in common,” she said, adding she just “did it for the experience.”

And she revealed a few details about the long-running show: Contestants meet “The Bachelor” eight to 10 hours before they have to start pitching woo to him on camera. Often times that’s followed by copious amounts of crying and scheming to get his undivided attention and affection.

So, how can they be in love so fast?

“They’re really drunk,” Palenkas said, explaining the girls were downing drinks in the limo on the way to meet Love.

Palenkas ended what could be her 15 minutes of fame by falling down the stairs on her way back from the bathroom. “I didn’t know anyone really saw that,” she said.

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What’s next? Ashley said she’s going to finish reading “50 Shades of Grey” because though she knows some of the highlights, she hasn’t finished it. And she’s glad she went on the show, saying she thought she was “pretty funny.”