HARTLAND — The Hartland-based online marketing firm Five Sparrows LLC announced its new MarketingPlus service for small business clients.

MarketingPlus is an affordable, comprehensive monthly service that includes everything — from social media to blog posts to e-newsletters and everything in between – according to a detailed 12-month marketing plan with monthly consulting services.

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“Our clients tell us that it’s just too hard to keep up with posting to Facebook and Twitter, adding new web content, sending e-campaigns to customers, optimizing for the search engines, and performing all the other marketing activities that need to be done all the time,” said Lauren Hobson, president of Five Sparrows. “MarketingPlus was designed to be a complete solution for clients, where our team of experts handles everything including content planning, social platform setup, profile integration, content pipeline/publishing schedule, monthly marketing tasks, web and social content updates, and results monitoring and reporting.”

MarketingPlus plans are individually created for each client and can include any mix of services. Whether clients need a blog installed, a new Web platform set up, or weekly social media posts, the Five Sparrows team takes care of whatever needs to be done each month to ensure consistent, engaging marketing messages across multiple channels. The 12-month Strategic Marketing Plan includes specific activities to be implemented each month, and is reviewed each month as well. Based on results reporting, the plan can be adjusted and changed as necessary to maximize results and ROI.

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“This new service will also help our clients stay up-to-date with unforeseen changes – like when Facebook changed its layout to the ‘timeline’,” Hobson said. “Because we monitor things like this, our clients won’t have to adjust their profiles because it will just be taken care of as part of their MarketingPlus services,” said Hobson.

MarketingPlus is a monthly service designed to help small business clients develop and maintain an effective online marketing strategy without the added stress and time commitment required to make it successful. It is a fully customizable service that not only meets individual client needs, but produces measurable results at an affordable price.

Five Sparrows provides custom Web site development and online marketing services for small businesses and non-profit organizations, featuring custom-designed, purpose-built websites that fit clients’ needs and budgets. After successfully helping hundreds of small business clients over the past 13 years with Website development and online marketing services, Five Sparrows has pioneered  unique approach to Social Media marketing called “Integrated Social Marketing,” further extending the firm’s capabilities in Web site development and online marketing services. Services currently include search engine optimization, Web site development, mobile site development, and custom online marketing programs that deliver outstanding results at affordable prices.

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For more information, call (877) 451-0145 or visit http://www.fivesparrows.com.