What else is new and cool? Check out these gems:

* This isn’t tech, but as a writer I really appreciate it: A Wayne State University list of seldom-used words that the university determined deserve another chance.

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* Here are Best of CES awards now that the gadget show is in its last hours.http://ces.cnet.com/best-of-ces/

* A veteran tech writer lists three things he saw at CES that he’d actually buy.

* I might spring for these soft wireless headphones meant for sleeping.

* But not too loud. Still, attention all you half-deaf rockers, rappers or radio workers (ahem) out there — a new drug apparently can restore some hearing.

* And oh, boy, here’s the next format war in TVs: 4K Ultra HD TVs, and OLED TVs.

* In the battle for the car, Sirius faces a new fight from Pandora.

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* Here’s a look at the latest in private spaceflight.

* And here are some stunning Twitpics from space.

* Golly, here’s a funny thing: You make people buying stuff from Amazon actually pay sales tax (as they should! they’re buying something!) and online sales at Best Buy, which charges the tax, rise. I’m sure this kind of fairness is giving other more local kinds of online retailers a fighting chance as well.

* And this isn’t looking good for football: Junior Seau had a debilitating brain disease brought about by repeated blows to the head. Gee, wonder how that happened?

* In the patent wars, IBM continues to dominate, but Google spiked too.

* And China’s Foxconn is accused of taking bribes.

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* On Wall Street, stocks closed higher Thursday based on a report of stronger Chinese exports, Foxconn or no.