By Scott Ryan

As we turn the page to 2013, I still have one foot stuck in 2012.

I had really hoped to have the people-searching done by now, but that’s not how it turned out. Over Thanksgiving, I sent an email to everyone in our class about our reunion plans, plus those who were probably part of our class but have never responded to any inquiries.

We’ve found over 330 classmates so far–and almost one-half of them have already replied. I feel pretty good that 90 percent of them are either a maybe or a yes, but I’ll feel better when the info is sent out soon for ticket purchases–and early birds start snapping up their seats. So for now, I’m stuck still chasing down a few dozen people for the first time and chasing down many more for the second time–trying to find out if they’re showing up in June.

If your phone rings or your inbox pings, then it’s probably me.

I’ve fielded a lot of questions recently about what people should wear. They should wear whatever they’re comfortable in. I’m sure we’ll get people in suits or gowns, business casual, jeans and t-shirts, and maybe even a few wearing shorts. We’ve got enough work to do without planning a dress code too. As an adult, I really don’t like being “told” what to wear and I’m sure others will agree.

The past few weeks have been dull overall when it comes to planning. Once the venue and menu were taken care of, I think everyone slipped into holiday mode, and rightfully so. But I plan to bounce back next week with a renewed sense of purpose and energy.

Lastly, I’m still trying to learn website design. I’ll probably never know enough code to do it all myself, so I’m letting Weebly do the heavy lifting. You can check it out here.

*About this blog: Scott is a 1988 graduate of Princess Anne High School in Virginia Beach, Va. and is blogging about his experience ahead of his 25th high school reunion in 2013. You can contact Scott at 248-945-9950 or via email at Please put “The Reunion Project” in the subject line.


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