By: Mike Stone

Friday night former Full House and America’s Funniest Video Star Bob Saget will bring his no holds barred standup act to the Royal Oak Music Theatre. Saget spoke to Bill,Sara,and myself and told us, playing Detroit is kind of like playing at home, “I love playing Detroit and started at Mark Ridley’s Comedy Castle. I am almost a hometown guy even though I am from Philly.I met Dave Coulier when he was 17 and Mark Binder and Tim Allen the whole hometown crowd.”

Saget will not be recreating his Full House days. He does standup which borders on the blue side. He credits his legendary friends as his main influences,”Rodney Dangerfield, Richard Pryor and Don Rickles  are some of the people I looked up to. I love the new comedians like Jim Gaffigan and Louis C.K as well. “
Leave it to Sara to ask Saget the difficult question of what is funnier poop, poo or poo poo. Saget had to think about it before giving his answer, “that is a tough question. My favorite of the three is poo. There are many reasons including a Dave Coulier joke. Poop is more immature. Poo pooh is what a parent would say. Poo is just plain funny.”
 You can hear the joke he was referring and the rest of the interview by clicking the link below . For ticket information go to:


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