SOUTHFIELD — So what’s new and cool? Or at least fascinatin’? Check out these dandies…

* Here are amazing NASA images of that Beijing air pollution. Yikes.

* Japanese airlines ground the new Boeing 787 after an emergency landing. Double yikes.

* Scientists now expect global sea levels to rise one to four feet by 2100. Triple yikes.

* Oh, and all that cool stuff from CES? It’ll ruin your life. Fourple yikes.

* The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists leaves its Doomsday Clock at five minutes to midnight. Five yikes to midnight?

* Also, 2012, the warmest year in United States history, was merely the 12th warmest ever recorded worldwide. Semi yikes?

* Internet freedom activist Aaron Swartz was “killed by the government,” his father told mourners Tuesday during his son’s funeral in suburban Chicago. Yikes are not appropriate here.

* The Mars Rover now plans to drill into rocks that once held water.

* And in case you think GPS or Apple iPhone tracking are perfect systems, think again. This poor guy!

* Facebook announces a new search feature.

* And it looks like we have made a discovery of a new stash of rare earth elements in Jamaica.

* And here’s an academic paper on what faster than light travel might actually look like to the travelers.

* And here’s a look at a more down to earth piece of space technology, the rocket engine that is the leading candidate to getting America back in the space business.