SOUTHFIELD — What’s the latest and greatest from the weird wild world of technology? Hang on just a second…

* A prosecutor gives an emotional defense in the case of Aaron Swartz.

* A look at a bizarre 500-million-year-old sea animal. It looked like a tulip.

* In a public vote, tech nerds send CD-ROMs and radios, but not cameras, to the gadget graveyard. To which I say, not so fast. As a former boss of mine once said, radio is the cockroach of media. It was supposed to be killed by talking movies, then TV, then videotape, then the Internet, and then whatever comes next. But you can’t kill it. It’s free and supremely portable.

* Let’s pause a moment on the eighth anniversary of the landing of the Huygens probe on Saturn’s huge moon Titan.

* Amazon makes its mp3 catalog available directly to iPhone users.

* A new Microsoft app aims to coordinate aid after natural disasters.

* The Boeing 787 Dreamliner remains grounded on safety fears.

* Here’s the latest on a relatively new worry, cracking medical device data security.

* Here’s a look at a TV weatherman going old school after a computer crash. Somewhere, Sonny Eliot is nodding in approval. But did he give the weather for Enga-Denga-Denga-Dine?

* And here’s a great idea: A phone that automatically silences itself in a theater.

That’s all. See you Monday!