While Twilight fans will soon become familiar with POP ETC from being featured on the Breaking Dawn Part 2 soundtrack, we decided it was time to quiz them on some songs. The trio of Chris Chu, Jon Chu and Julian Harmon joined us at CBS Local and told us what they thought of a few songs you may have heard before.

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Justin Timberlake “My Love”

Our first track had them all nodding along but Julian guessed it first.


Chris wasn’t sure which song it was though, asking, “Sexy Back?”

But Julian knew it. “No. ‘My Love.'”

Once Chris realized the song, he couldn’t help but rave about Justin’s solo work, specifically his album FutureSex/LoveSounds.

“Great stuff. Love that album so much! It’s really grove oriented,” he said.”There’s these songs that are really free and stuck in a grove for a while and then transitions into another song. I love that album. It’s really cohesive as a full album and it’s cool to see that from an R&B artist.”

Bjork “It’s Oh So Quiet”

Though the boys looked stumped for a second they quickly realized what track was being played. Frontman Chris did all the talking.

“Amazing. Great video. I love that video. Love her, love the song!”

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So, would POP ETC ever consider covering Bjork?

It turns out they have, specifically her track “Unravel.”

“Yeah. I love her,” Chris gushed. “She’s one of those artists that I’ve listened to for so long that I’ve gone back and listened to it at various times of my musical journey. She always resonates with me in a different way.”

Kanye West “Monster

The whole band knew this one and revealed that they worked with a Kanye collaborator.

“We worked with this guy Andrew Dawson who engineers a lot of Kanye stuff,” Jon said. “I can just hear a lot of the keyboards that Andrew suggested we use on our record. The Juno-106, the bass, that’s all on that. That’s an amazing song.”

Chris agreed.

“I feel like that’s the one I heard Nicki Minaj on for the first time and it really hit me. I heard her before but that verse is just killer. It’s so good,” he said.

MGMT “Time To Pretend”

The guys actually have played with MGMT before.

“Cool band,” Chris said. “We played a really early show with them in San Francisco. It was us, them and Yeasayer. I remember that year was insane for MGMT. They just blew up.”

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-Annie Reuter, CBS Local