Detroit Lions bad boy Ndamukong Suh was recently spotted with beauty queen Katherine Webb wearing not much else than a bath robe. But it’s not exactly what you’re thinking.

Despite the fact that many refer to Suh as the dirtiest player in the NFL, he’s not trying to steal Miss Alabama away from Alabama quarterback A.J. McCarron.

Rather, the pair was photographed together on a television set in Los Angeles — along with other celebrities like Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Nicole Eggert, Kendra Wilkinson and Louie Anderson — while filming scenes for the upcoming “Celebrity Diving” reality competition.

Celebrity gossip website TMZ says it’s surprising Webb joined the cast after being ogled by Brent Musburger during the BCS championship game, especially since she reportedly swore off Hollywood so she could focus on her relationship with McCarron.

TMZ says Suh, who was dressed in a Honolulu blue bath robe, “is also a pretty shocking addition to the cast — considering he’s in the  middle of a huge contract and NFL coaches don’t usually love it when a star  player risks his health by jumping off a high dive. Then again, Suh has an image problem — people think he’s a jerk — and he could use the show to convince fans that he’s not really the monster he appears to be on the field.”

Would watching Suh jump from the high dive really change your opinion of him?

Either way, it’s pretty obvious that Webb will be spending a lot more time in a bathing suit — and we’ll be the last ones to complain about that.

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