SOUTHFIELD — So what’s up in the wacky, wonderful world of high technology? Hang on to your hats…

* Here’s one more request for the honor of your presence this Thursday, Jan. 31 at Lawrence Technological University in Southfield as we resume our monthly series of tech events, Last Thursdays Unwired @ LTU. This month we’re talking IT security — how to keep your family’s and your business’ information safe. Joining me will be a terrific panel of experts, including Detective Jerry DeRosia of the Oakland County Sheriff’s Office Computer Crimes Unit; Adam Goslin, COO of Rochester-based High Bit Security LLC; and Paul Chambers, CEO of Core3 Solutions of Birmingham. Bring your most vexing security problems! Doors open at 7:30 a.m. and the program runs from 8 to 9:15. It’s all free; coffee and donuts on us. Register at

* One more bit of self-promotion, please. Along with the changes you’ve noticed in the newsletter, my audio content is now being featured three times a day Mondays through Friday’s on the airwaves of WWJ Newsradio 950. And that, along with the newsletter, has created entirely new opportunities for sponsors who would like to get their message out to Michigan’s technology community. Contact me at, and I can connect you to the right people to make this happen. There’s never been a better time to be a Technology Report advertiser!

OK, now on to the news…

* The moons are beautiful tonight: NASA’s Curiosity rover snaps its first pictures of Mars at night. And here are some photos of the dry-ice winter on Mars.

* In this analysis, scientists see big rewards — and risks — in private spaceflight.

* I’ll let this CBS News headline speak for itself: “Climate change: No more denying it.”

* The investigation of what the heck is wrong with Boeing’s 787 Dreamliner continues. Batteries that keep catching fire do tend to be a problem.  (And this fix may keep the Dreamliner on the ground until next year.)

* You know, those 4K TVs they rolled out at CES this year? The ones with 4,000 lines of resolution, nearly four times as many as your 1,080-line HDTV, not to mention the 480 lines on your old standard TV? Well, Japan is going to start broadcasting in 4K next year. Cool!

* Scientists say dramatic changes in technology are soon on the way — devices that are more intuitive to program and use, because they can see, smell, touch, taste and hear.

* In Asia’s trend-sitting cities, iPhone fatigue would appear to be setting in.

* Google Earth spots a North Korean labor camp.

* Why yes, as a matter of fact, your brain CAN get full when you get old.

* Here’s the latest on DARPA’s efforts at laser weapons for the Air Force.

* Apple fires a Chinese supplier after an audit finds under-age workers.

* Lots of press fall for a hoax — an Indiegogo fundraising campaign for an iPhone case with a built-in — cup holder. Yeah.


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