By: Sara

When you are a stand up comedian, you know that at some point you will have to deal with hecklers. Drunk, obnoxious hecklers. When you are a news reporter, you also need to have lightning fast skills in dealing with those same drunk yahoos when they try to crash a live shot. Just this week, a reporter from Channel 6 in Orlando put on a master class in handling news hecklers. Jessica Sanchez was on Bourbon Street in New Orleans trying to do a Super Bowl countdown segment. She was quickly joined by a drunk woman who wanted her 15 minutes of fame and started yelling about the 49ers. Instead of ignoring her new friend, Jessica Sanchez pretended she was doing a segment about STDs and asked the woman how long SHE had had an STD.

Brilliant! Problem solved! The heckler was offended and did not want to stick around too long after that. She did manage to get in one more shout out to the 49ers, so I am sure she considers it a successful videobomb.

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