Kevin Frazier, host of ‘omg! Insider,” said he never thought about the fact his aunt’s friend “Miss Rosa” was more than just a nice woman.

He later realized his aunt Septima Poinsette Clark was considered the “grandmother” of the civil rights movement and her friend was Rosa Parks, who helped kicked off the civil rights movement when she refused to give up her bus seat to a white man, as was required for black people at the time.

A bus boycott began across the country with Martin Luther King Jr. and Rosa Parks went into the history books.

Frazier’s aunt was a longtime teacher in Charleston, S.C., who became an active proponent of equal pay for black teachers and education as a source of advancement. She was fired at one point for her membership in the NAACP, and fought back by founding her own schools dedicated to educating black people to pass the literacy tests required at the time to vote.

“I train the people to do their own talking,” Clark said at one point.

“Because of her, people like me are talking on TV,” Frazier said. ‘Thanks to ‘Aunt Seppe,’ I’m living the dream.”‘


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