We were due for another Bob Knight news anecdote that involved a controversial/noteworthy quote. It’s been a little while since our last one, hasn’t it?

So here’s a nugget that sort of flew under the radar, despite the fact the 72-year-old Knight said it on television Thursday night. And forgive me for not picking up on it right away. I admit I wasn’t dialed into that thrilling Alabama-Arkansas game amid all the other hoops happening around the country.

Anyway, MLive.com caught his quotes during that game and has passed them along. They are about Michigan’s Fab Five era, one that’s been scrubbed away due to NCAA violations that have led to the vacation of records.

With Indiana and Michigan set to play a super-duper, totally awesome game Saturday night, the lead-up has been well-publicized. After all, it’s the first time Michigan has been ranked No. 1 in the polls since the ’92-93 season, back when the Fab Five was doing their trendsetting thing, making Final Fours and going up against Knight’s IU teams in the twilight of his good years there.



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