HANCOCK — Nearly 5,000 Michigan utility customers participated in Blue Terra Energy’s free energy-saving kit installation program in 2012. Customers saved, on average, about $250 a year per household.
BTE, in partnership with Efficiency United, performed the free kit installations in accordance with Michigan Public Act 295, to develop clean, renewable energy and reduce 25 percent of government grid-based energy purchases by 2015.
An $85 value, the free kits include 12 Energy Star light bulbs, two high-efficiency shower heads, kitchen and bath faucet aerators, foam pipe wraps and a Honeywell programmable thermostat. In addition to complimentary energy-saving kit installations, BTE crews performed commercial energy audits and furnace tune-ups statewide.
“All participating utility customers, including Semco Energy Gas Company customers, pay an energy optimization charge on their monthly bill,” said BTE owner Dave Camps. “Those fees are used to support these programs that help reduce homeowners’ energy consumption and improve Michigan’s overall energy efficiency. For every dollar you invest in energy efficiency, you save $5 in creating new energy.”
BTE is an energy consultation company located in Hancock. In addition to energy surveys and audits, BTE specializes in thermal imaging services for residential and commercial customers. In 2012, the company created 19 jobs in Michigan.
Camps has been researching the effects of carbon dioxide and climate change since 2001. Prior to establishing BTE in 2009, he worked as an engineer for the aviation industry, creating fuel systems for turbine aircrafts and outboard motors.
BTE plans to expand its services in 2013 to include commercial and industrial programs, and solar photovoltaic (PV) installation and design. PV systems use solar panels to convert sunlight to electricity.
Free energy-saving kits are still available for customers while supplies last.
For more information about Blue Terra Energy, please visit www.blueterraenergy.com.