ANN ARBOR — LLamasoft, Inc., the developer of supply chain design software, Wednesday announced the launch of Supply Chain Sherpa, a mobile supply chain modeling app developed to make supply chain design and what-if scenario analysis accessible to everyone throughout the extended enterprise.

LLamasoft says Supply Chain Sherpa enables users to rapidly model a complex supply chain network using the iPad touch screen environment. Supply chain designs are instantly visualized on configurable maps and graphs, and all metrics including service, cost, logistics, sustainability and risk are immediately available due to Supply Chain Sherpa’s embedded reference data.

Users can quickly copy and edit a supply chain to compare alternative scenarios, and the resulting metrics are immediately available using LLamasoft’s new proprietary Deterministic Flow Model algorithm.

Supply Chain Sherpa enables users to: * Rapidly modify a pre-loaded supply chain design or quickly prototype a new design using built-in reference data * Immediately visualize results in detailed maps and graphs including service, cost, logistics, sustainability and risk * Share designs with other Supply Chain Sherpa users via email, or send the models to Supply Chain Guru for more detailed modeling, optimization and simulation

While it can be used as a standalone network design tool, Supply Chain Sherpa is most effective when used as part of the LLamasoft supply chain design software solution suite. Users can export Supply Chain Guru models to Supply Chain Sherpa to collaborate and experiment with new designs. New designs can also be imported into Supply Chain Guru for more detailed analysis. A free Supply Chain Sherpa Viewer app is also available via the Apple® App Store to enable anyone to view designs.

“Our customers have expressed a real need for modeling technology that can provide immediate metrics and rapid feedback on supply chain design decisions, without the need for expert modelers and data analysts,” said LLamasoft President and CEO Donald Hicks. “Supply Chain Sherpa is the first of a new generation of tablet and mobile applications that take modeling power and apply it to solve important supply chain design problems in real-time.”

Supply Chain Sherpa was be introduced Wednesday in a presentation titled “The Role of Mobile Apps in Supply Chain Analysis & Collaboration” delivered by LLamasoft executive vice president Toby Brzoznowski at The Food Marketing Institute and Grocery Manufacturers Association Supply Chain Conference. mnroush For more information or a demonstration contact or visit

LLamasoft software enables companies across a wide range of industries to model, optimize and simulate their supply chain network, leading to major improvements in cost, service, sustainability and risk mitigation.


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