SIDNEY, Ohio (WWJ) — Metro Detroiters are shaking their heads over the story of a suspect with a rogue cell phone that was seemingly bent on ensuring he didn’t leave the scene of a crime.

The Sheriff’s Office in Shelby County, Ohio — right in the middle of the state — said they got a silent 911 call Tuesday night and traced it to a nearby home.

Officers on the scene found a forced open window, concluded there was a burglary in progress and quickly figured out the call came from the suspect himself, Douglas Wolaver, 40. The cell phone in his back pocket had apparently dialed 911.

And then it got worse for him: Officers at the scene quickly found Wolaver because they said his phone was beeping incessantly with a low battery warning. He was arrested, according to the LimaNews.

Police on Thursday confirmed he had been charged with breaking and entering, and was released on bond until trial.

Southfield attorney and WWJ legal analyst says there’s a lesson to be learned here: Don’t break in unless you’re sure your phone is fully charged.

“I’ve never heard of anything like this,” Langton said, adding he doesn’t think Wolaver has a case against his cell phone carrier. But it appears his phone was building a case against him.


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