DETROIT (CBS Detroit) Something is shaking the very foundation of life in metro Detroit for many a young woman — Ryan Gosling is coming to town.

As word spread of the open casting call for the Gosling film “How To Catch A Monster,” that’s set for filming in metro Detroit, women started coming up with ways to meet the Hollywood hottie.

And here’s the most inventive: a social media campaign.

Lauren Davies, writer for news website and her friend Julie Phenis have started a Tumblr account meant to woo the Hollywood heartthrob. The photo sharing social media account is linked to Twitter — both called “hey girl” in honor of a favorite Gosling movie line.

They use Michigan-made themes to try to lure Gosling’s attention. All their posts are phrases they think Gosling should say to women in metro Detroit.

Let’s just say they involve Comerica Park, the People Mover, Detroit’s resurrection and local coney islands.

Saying the campaign “just sort of happened,” Davies added, “It’s definitely becoming popular.”

They post a handful of updates every day, and the audience keeps growing, with more and more followers and retweets.

So what’s the ultimate goal of the campaign (And could it happen)? “Doesn’t everyone want to meet Ryan Gosling?” Davies asked. “That would be amazing.”


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