What’s going on today in the wonderful world of tech? Well, here’s what’s new and cool (or at least interesting, and occasionally terrifying)…

* With the permission of Adobe Systems, the Computer History Museum has made available the source code for Photoshop version 1.0.1. (And here’s more about the origins of Photoshop with the Knoll family of Ann Arbor.)

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* In a Google chat, President Obama talks drone strikes, Senate filibusters, immigration, and more.

* And here’s Elon Musk with more assertions that the New York Times’ test drive was staged.

* And here’s everything you need to know for Friday’s big asteroid flyby.

* Now here’s something to look forward to — a coming digital archive of more than 47,000 live concerts.

* And here’s a way to completely destroy your productivity… Harlem Shake Roulette.

* And here’s an anti-Valentine — an app called KillSwitch that promises to remove all mentions of your exes from your Facebook timeline. Yep, it’ll be as if you never knew them.

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* And if you were worried about the Large Hadron Collider producing black holes or otherwise wrecking the universe, relax. It’s powering down for two years of maintenance.

* AT&T wins a ruling in a price fixing suit against LCD makers.

* If you’re an Apple investor, here’s one more reason to hate the hedge funds.

* Egyptian regulator apeals against country’s YouTube ban.

* William Shatner has some ideas for naming Pluto’s newly discovered moons.

* Dell Inc Chief Executive Michael Dell, aiming to clinch a $24.4 billion deal to take the No. 3 PC maker private, agreed to value his 16 percent stake in the company at about 2 percent below the price offered to other shareholders, company filings on Thursday showed.

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* Hey, we’re still good at something! The U.S. leads the world in nanotechnology patents.