And what’s the latest buzz in the ever-growing field of technology? You can find it right here.

* After a bus-sized meteor injured 1,000 in Russia the same day a 50-yard-wide space rock buzzed Earth inside the orbit of many communications satellites — an asteroid that could have taken out a city had it hit one — there’s much more interest in hunting Earth-crossing asteroids. Here’s more.

* And here’s a VERY LOUD clip of the shock wave from that Russian meteor.

* Facebook announced Friday that it was hacked last month, and an investigation is under way.

* Twitter is shutting down the blogging site Posterous, which it acquired last year.

* Now here’s an advance: Supposedly, London scientists have invented a computer incapable of crashing, because it can repair its own damaged code. Of course, I’m sure it’s foolproof foolproof foolproof foolproof fooplfoof eorper owerowejreor sfldfjoerjf

* News Corp. and the popular tech blog AllThingsD are considering a breakup, Reuters reports.

* A page on the LA Times Web site that was serving up malware went unnoticed for weeks. Great.

* New figures show the Xbox 360 is still the most popular console among United States gamers.

* The lowly mussel’s glue may be the source of significant medical advances.

* So much for gerrymandering: Here’s a look at an alternative U.S. made up of 50 nearly equal population states.

* Here’s some astoundingly cool 1980s designs for Apple that still look fresh today.

* The Washington Post has gone through yet another round of layoffs — even in IT.


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