DETROIT (WWJ) – One of Vincent Van Gogh’s most famous paintings will be displayed at the Detroit Institute of Arts. The artist’s “Bedroom in Arles” will be installed along with three other Van Gogh paintings owned by the DIA.

Salvadore Salort-Pons, Curator of the European Galleries at the DIA, says thanks to their world-renowned reputation among art galleries, they were able to bring this Van Gogh here.

“We were able to negotiate this loan which … is fantastic for the museum,” said Salort-Pons. “It really explains why the D.I.A. is so important that we can actually have the power to negotiate these things because we have a great collection .”

“It is a masterpiece because Van Gogh, in my opinion, uses a very honest approach in the representation of something that we can see everyday,” said Salort-Pons.

The painting will be on display beginning Tuesday through May 28.


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