Sreedhar Kaluva is CEO at Unique Solutions of Advanced Technologies, based in Royal Oak, Michigan. This company helps businesses worldwide to optimize their technology, augment productivity and reduce business risk while maximizing return-on-investment. In addition, Unique Solutions offers clients IT solutions in Database Design, CIO/CTO Services, Data Analysis and Report Generation. IT Consulting Services, Custom Software Development, Business Operations Automation and Systems Integration are also offered. Kaluva is a strong proponent for backshoring, which is bringing jobs back home. He offers some insight into the realm of web administration.

What is your role in IT? What does it entail? 

Sreedhar Kaluva (credit: Nicole Wrona)

Sreedhar Kaluva (credit: Nicole Wrona)

“CEO of Unique Solutions of Advanced Technologies. Having extensive experience in Business and Information Technology systems, I greatly enjoy designing the unique solutions to complex business bottlenecks.

“My position as a leader of this organization allows me to work with a great team of software developers, business analysts and customers with interesting challenges, which I enjoy. Becoming the very first Backshoring Expert in the Information Technology area, I am always educating the customers who experience IT offshoring challenges, helping them to make smart decisions, and thus, becoming a conduit for bringing IT jobs into Detroit.”

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What initially drew you into your field?

“My passion for solving business-related problems and the excitement in creating custom software systems to address business challenges drew me into this field.”

How did your education prepare you to work in your current position?          

“Having engineering as a major subject in my education immensely helped me in my position. Being able to ask questions with the five Ws–what, when, where, who and why–helped me design Information Technology solutions with the right logic.”

What are some skills that you use daily at work?

“Personal skills, questioning skills, logical thinking and technical skills.”

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What do you find challenging about your job?

“People management and gathering the right expectations are the biggest challenges.”

Can you share advice for those looking to enter this industry?      

“It is important to have technical skills, but it is even more important to have people skills and communication skills. My advice to those who want to enter into this industry is to gain good communication skills, along with technical skills. At the end of the day, if you are unable to communicate your idea, it is of no use no matter great the idea is.”

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