DETROIT (WWJ) — Over 40 cars collided during what police said was a whiteout along I-75 near Springwells last month — three of them alone hit the car of the Greenwood family. Now, an attorney for the family that lost two children in the crash says he has a lot of questions about what happened.

Greg Monforton is asking that anyone who saw anything on that morning of January 31st call his office to tell him what they saw. He says he knows there was a sudden, heavy snowfall but he still has a lot of questions.

“Were any of the vehicles in question driving at too fast a speed for the prevailing circumstances? Were any of the drivers of any of the vehicles, were they’re faculties possibly impaired? Were there any mechanical issues?,” asks Monforton.

Seven-year-old Aidan Hicks and 9-year-old Gabrielle Greenwood died in the crash. Greg Monforton wants anyone who saw anything or drove through the area to call his Windsor office or the office of Detroit attorney Bob Darling.

“Some drivers were able to bring their vehicles to a stop, some weren’t. Why is that?,” he asks.

Credit: WWJ/Bill Szumanski

Credit: WWJ/Bill Szumanski

Monforton adds, “We’re not alleging wrongdoing on the part of anyone, maybe there was no careless driving or driver error on the part of anyone, but on the other hand, maybe there was.”

As for the Greenwood family, Monforton says, “I can tell you that the family’s oldest daughter, Hannah, continues to recover from her injuries, as does Glen Greenwood. Glen’s wife, Kimberly, suffered extremely serious and initially life-threatening injuries and remains under the care of an extended medical team.”

Greenwood, his wife and 10-year-old daughter are still recovering from their injuries. Monforton won’t comment on what his client remembers of that day.

But he says, “What is of ultimate importance is what the police and others involved in the investigation of this tragedy determine to have taken place. Obviously a whole bunch of things happened in a very short period of time and it was obviously a chaotic scene. That’s why it’s so important that we figure out exactly what happened.”


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