3Sixty To Handle Online Marketing For CFI Medical solutions: The Fenton digital marketing agency 3Sixty Interactive was chosen by CFI Medical Solutions, which is also based in Fenton, to rebuild its Web site and handle its online marketing. CFI Medical Solutions is a medical manufacturer with more than 30 years in the business, and specialties that include process design, electrical, medical, and industrial engineering. CFI Medical Solutions is an established business with a great reputation, and even though its business was doing well, company officials said they noticed a lack of revenue coming from their company Web site. They understood that during the buy cycle, customers go online to research potential manufactures. CFI wanted to start reaching customers early in the buy cycle by using online marketing tactics to reach them. 3Sixty Interactive proposed a Web site redesign that would make CFI’s site easier to navigate and generate quality traffic. 3Sixty Interactive will use content management and content marketing to increase the quality and relevant traffic to their website. Quality traffic will come from up-to-date content, and periodic support that includes landing pages. The goal of the landing pages is to get customers on the right page regarding the information they are seeking. 3Sixty Interactive will also provide pay per click advertising services that include the creation and management of advertisements. This will increase visibility for CFI Medical Solutions as they had not previously run advertisements on any channel. The use of pay per click advertising will generate leads to CFI’s website, which will in turn increase revenue of their products and services. For more information on 3Sixty Interactive, please visit www.3SixtyInteractive.com or contact Dale Keipert at dalek@3SixtyInteractive.com.


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