DETROIT (WWJ) Wayne State University professors have overwhelmingly approved an eight-year contract with the university, just days before the Right to Work law takes affect.

Are the two connected? Charles Parrish, president of the professor’s union, said they wanted to get a longer contract deal done before the new law to have union security moving forward. It’s notable because Right To Work mandates, when it goes into effect later this month, that unions cannot force members to pay dues.

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“We’ve had some pushback from some members of the legislature who say that this is somehow illegal,” Parrish said. “The right to work does not go into effect until the 27th of March and we have concluded our contract and our members have ratified with a 93 percent percent vote.”

The deal includes a $1,000 signing bonus within 30 days of ratification. And raises will begin next year.

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Parrish said instructors will get a 2.75 percent wage increase next year, followed by a 2.5 percent increase in the years after.

“We believe this is fair for the university, it is completely lawful,” Parrish said.

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