PONTIAC (WWJ) – Another day of dramatic testimony Friday in the trial of a local woman on trial for shooting to death her teen-aged grandson.

A West Bloomfield grandmother, on trial for killing her 17-year-old grandson, had apparently practiced shooting a handgun after she bought it last year. That’s according to the testimony of gun dealer Kevin Bedker, of Target Sports in Orchard Lake, who says Sandra Layne bought the gun in April and had two training sessions.

A gun dealer also testified that Layne had bought a handgun in April and had two training sessions becoming proficient at using a handgun.

Walton-“Did you get to see performance on this event as well?
Bedker-“Yes sir.”
Walton-“How would you describe her shooting at the second time?”
Bedker-“Proficient. She hit her target.”

Fred Layne, the husband of 75-year-old Sandra Layne, says he didn’t know she had bought a handgun, but had told him that she was afraid of their grandson, 17-year-old Jonathan Hoffman.

“I was in my office in the basement and she said she was frightened , but she didn’t go any further.”

Layne testified that the boy had “problems” and that he had urged her to send him to his parents in Arizona.

Sandra Layne is charged with first degree murder after shooting her grandson last May in their condo.

Tests showed traces of synthetic marijuana in Hoffman’s body.

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